Top 10 Lesbian Exclusively Videos -GirlfriendsSatisfy Site

Top 10 Lesbian Exclusively Videos -GirlfriendsSatisfy Site

I’d probably contact myself personally a little bit of a film enthusiast – We’ll enjoy poor motion pictures enjoyment, and I’ll view great films to get stirred, getting knowledgeable, and often… to weep basically really need it. In this YouTube movie we encountered at GFM, you’ll find both types – we are going to allow you to decide which ones end up in which classification! As you’re able to obviously see – this is a listing of some of the finest lesbian themed movies. I’m able to name about 20 even more I could increase the record, but we will adhere to these 10 for now… that knows, you might see a differnt one of my personal well-known databases in earlier than you might think! For the present time, relax in the settee together with your partner/spouse/friends, binge on some popcorn, and luxuriate in!

10. Pariah (2011)

A lovely story,


is quite

about a young African United states teen, Alike, you never know which and exactly what she’s… But are unable to confide in her own family members. The woman mother is overbearing and traditional, along with her father? Really, let’s simply state he simply wants to stay out of things. Similar’s mother causes the lady to befriend a colleague’s girl – whom transforms Similar’s globe upside-down, and shakes it only a little.

Alike: [reading]

“busting is actually beginning, and I am broken. I will be open.”

9. D.E.B.S. (2004)

Whom don’t love

Charlie’s Angels

? Well, I Did Not haha. But We LOVED


.! the only liners by yourself were hilarious. Comically, this flick will make you have a good laugh, and possess great time. Significantly, it variety of falls quick. This wasn’t allowed to be a heavy-handed drama about two lesbians dropping crazy despite being in other sides associated with legislation… anytime that’s what you are looking for, proceed to one of our various other games about listing.


“Wow. Lucy Diamond, she’s…”


“Just What?”



8. Bound (1996)

You really need not be worried making use of Wachowski sisters. Certain was the very first full-length feature they directed collectively. The storyline moves across the relationship between Violet and Corky just who hatch a strategy to steal $2 million of mafia money.

This will be a beautifully crafted movie – if you’ve observed the Matrix motion pictures, you will know very well what What i’m saying is. I highly recommend enjoying it!

This remarkable film functions Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon.


“Preciselywhat are you undertaking?”


“Isn’t it evident? I’m wanting to seduce you.”


“The Reason Why?”


“Because i would like… to”

7. Saving Face (2004)

This motion picture had been hilarious… Totally relatable to anyone who has had difficulty developing to a brilliant traditional household (Um… ME). So certainly, this motion picture is mostly about a lesbian, Asian physician exactly who cannot come-out to her family members… But, PLOT TWIST – the woman 48 year old widowed mom is actually preggers! Dramaaa! Since all of our leading girl’s (Wilhelmina’s) mom don’t display which the father is, the grandparents toss the girl away from home, forcing the woman to maneuver in along with her child… that is creating a romantic union with openly gay, but also Asian, Vivian.


“Oh, my personal God. You talked to your mummy about all of us?”


“Yeah. So?”


“Hence? Does she know we have gender?”

Vivian: [sighs]

“No, Wil. She believes she conjugate Latin verbs.



6. Stranger Inside (2001)

After doing a bit of time in juvie, Treasure is actually transported someplace a tad bit more serious… Actual jail. This was the woman strategy all along, because it’s where the woman delivery mom, Brownie, is actually. The same as with certain, there is genuine developing tale… but there are a buttload of LGBT themes, like trying to obtain the acceptance of your loved ones.


“Discover at this point you…


That is like, a miracle

5. Just picture me personally & You (2005)

During this lady marriage service of most places, Rachel (Piper Perabo) notices Luce (Lena Headey) within the audience and seems an instantaneous link. Both become close friends, so when Rachel finds out that Luce is a lesbian, she finds out that despite the woman happy matrimony to this guy in fact called “Heck” (Matthew Goode), she is falling for Luce. As she questions her intimate positioning, Rachel must decide between her steady commitment with “Heck” (yeah I do not obtain it) and her exhilarating brand-new relationship with Luce.


“precisely what does the lily mean?”


“The lily means…”



“The lily means, “we dare that love myself”

4. The Children Tend To Be Alright (2010)

Lesbian few Jules and Nic (Julianne Moore and Annette Bening) have now been together for nearly 20 years and now have two teenagers collectively called Joni and Laser (what exactly is with these insane brands?), who have been conceived via man-made insemination.naturally, Joni and Laser tend to be curious about their unique biological dad, a restaurateur called Paul (Mark Ruffalo), and try to look for him down. Issues arise after adolescents bond with Paul and receive him to their resides.


“Hey, it is currently tough sufficient to start the cardiovascular system nowadays. Don’t create any more difficult”

3. But i am a Cheerleader (1999)

Megan (Natasha Lyonne – geeking out nowadays!) views by herself the typical, all-American woman. She gets good grades, she is a cheerleader… She has a boyfriend… But here’s the capture – she dislikes kissing him. She actually is surprised when her parents deliver the woman to True guidelines, a “pray the homosexual away” training. While here, Megan meets a rebellious and unashamed teen lesbian, Graham (Clea DuVall). Though Megan nevertheless feels confused about her sexual identity, she starts to establish feelings for Graham.

Megan: [after Graham kisses Megan the very first time]

“I am not likely to as you”




“we want to accomplish that once more” [Megan kisses Graham]

2. Carol (2015)

This motion picture is elegance and course completely… yet ,, with Cate Blanchettm exactly what otherwise is it possible you count on? Photo the 1950’s, and what people considered to be correct behavior. This performs extreme character in Carol. Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) spots the elegant and beautiful Carol (Cate Blanchett) examining on doll shows in a 1950’s Manhattan mall. Both ladies establish a quick bond that becomes a love with complicated consequences.

Therese: [on telephone]

“I want to learn. I believe. I am talking about, We wanna want to know situations. But I don’t know that you want that”

Carol: [crying]

‘Ask me. Situations. Kindly”

1. Blue could be the Warmest colors (2013)

To start with, this film is finished 3 hrs long… It moves entirely around a French child (Adele Exarchopoulos) which types a deep emotional relationship and intimate experience of an older art student (Lea Seydoux) she found in a lesbian club.


” we skip you. We neglect not touching both. perhaps not watching each other, not inhaling each other. I really want you. Always. Nobody more”

Precisely what do you guys imagine many games detailed? Did we record one of the favourites? You are sure that we love hearing from you, therefore decrease us a line!

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